Charcoal gravel

We process charcoal into gravel. In the production and further processing of the charcoal, no foreign substances or aids are added at all. Constant controls allow us to meet our high quality standards. Our charcoal is REACH registered.

We offer the following defined grain sizes from our grinding and screening plant:
GFK: 0-1mm
#1: 0.1-0.5mm
#2: 0.5-1.2mm
#3: 1-2mm
#4: 2-3mm
#5: 3-5mm
#6: 5-12mm
#7: 12-17mm

We produce special sizes (mixtures of different semolina grain sizes) on request.

Pack sizes:
Paper bags of 10 kg / 20 kg
big bag
bulk truck

Our charcoal semolina finds a wide range of applications in industry.

Here are some examples:

  • for industry and aquaristics, water filtration
  • Hardening and galvanizing of wires and shaped metal parts
  • Use in pyrotechnics, production of black powder
  • Production of charcoal tablets, e.g. B. for shisha or developing incense
  • Manufacture of incense cones
  • Achieving defined pore structures
  • to improve soil culture (EM)
  • Used in Terra Preta production